Once again we will be relocating…this time to

Boiling Springs, SC if all goes as planned

hopefully before October. 

Again we will provide photos as we progress.

The Bare lot just under one acre…enough for me to handle.




Former move below:

Shandell Kennel is relocating to Gray Court, SC,

which is between Greenville and Laurens, SC.
Photos will be posted as we progress.


From This
The summer of 2011.
This is what we first saw when shown
 this little corner  of a cow pasture that
 had formerly been a cotton field.  There
were high watersheds known as
 terraces  that couldn’t be driven across.
But we saw some potential.
To This
in May, 2016.
It has been a long  five years and still a work in progress but very satisfying.


Our First Christmas in
        Gray Court